There is nothing like making people feel alive.
The Black E.Y.E Peas understand the foundation of their succees.
They make their fans feel alive to the music that moves their soul
The words that make them understand the bigger picture on L.I.F.E
Watching the Black E.Y.E perform at Club M2 on 2-24-09 made me realize the power of bringing people together.
1st off……..
I have never seen a group bring together people from all different race n style.
That was amazing within itself.
The power to bring people together cannot be accomplished w.just a idea.
People need trust People need commitment N Most important People need L.O.V.E in order to feel a connection w. the person or persons they are following.
The people who were at M2 that night L.O.V.E.D the Black E.Y.E Peas-N-L.O.V.E.D every minute of it.

I want to write more but WORDPRESS is messing with the structure of the blog
Maybe I just am not doing something right
I will let my photos tell you the story of the night.

Sunday @12ish PM…
It’s usually a time in the day when your up and about trying to figure out what to do next.
Depending if your a day or a night person
12ish PM on a Sunday afternoon is the common time for everyone to get up-n-get out 2 enjoy the day.










Families are usually up and getting something to eat






The person you L.O.V.E is already calling you 2 figure out where to meet in the city







So the 2 of you can spend some time together before the insanity of the week ahead.






Alot of times
We are such in a hurry to make things happen for ourselves that we never step back
just relax w.the people who matter the most to us.
Here is a picture of TV Producer Daniel Lagrua and Model Rey who can be appreicate the moment






Sunday afternoon brunch @ Scuderia is the B.E.S.T way 2 feed your soul.
Feeding your soul isn’t about eating the burger at Scuderia









Having one of the amazing drinks that are made there







 Feeding your soul is about being surrounded by the people who you trust the most.

The friends who know your best look when taking a amazing picture of you.







 The person who can make you laugh at a moment notice
The way DJ and Producer Mark King is able 2 make a girl named ? laugh at the way he tells a story







 Your family that you know in your heart means the world to you.







 The enviorment that you choose to spend your time in can make or break your day.

Scuderia is one of the B.E.S.T resteraunts in N.Y.C  that can balance out
The staff and management understand the value of energy







 Having great food done with skill n L.O.V.E




 Amazing fast service so u can feed the voice in your stomach







 Having DJ K3 spinning  music 2 move your soul is the B.E.S.T makes everyone enjoy the moment-N-
Appreciate being surround by family n friends.








 Model Selita Ebanks who can been seen on the up-coming 3rd season                of Celebrity Apprentice was thrown a surprise birthday brunch by Anne-Marie   Martinez from and Daniel Dejene of The Dejene Agency.









Selita was def surprised by the family and friends that all came out to wish her a happy b-day.







 Singer Estelle was there to give Selita a B-Day Hug







 And NFL Legand Curtis Martin both were there showing L.O.V.E to Selita






Even though Selita was about to give Curtis a 1-2 PUNCH in the chin because he tried to steal one of her B-Day Cupcakes……
Rule number 42244
Never…EVER…Steal a B-Day cupcake from a supermodel







 Birthdays come n go in a heartbeat
But the feeling you get when you are surrounded by the people u L.O.V.E will always be remembered in your mind n heart














Also @ Scuderia were Fashion Designers  To-Tam Ton-Nu and To-Nya Ton-Nu of pictured here with Selita EBanks 







 America’s top Barack Obama Impersonator







 It was kinda surreal looking at him. I felt that I was really in the presence of our President.
I thought about what I would say to Obama if I ever got to really meet him and I think I would say…”Watch who your friends are”









Publicist BJ Coleman walking out the door of Scuderia










Guitarist Hara Luca Garacci who gave a special B-Day solo for Selita and showcasing his skillz to the crowd 








DJ MSG, Anne-Marie Martinez, Hair Stylist Tanya Camburn all enjoyed the moment of connection.







Jarett Clark and Johnny Nunez who were both in the middle of telling a amazing story







 Dr. Michelle who can light up a room with her smile.








 All in All
Scuderia Sunday Brunch get togethers is 1 of the B.E.S.T in N.Y.C
For more information on booking a sunday brunch event
Please contact
Anne-Marie Martinez at
Daniel Dejene at
Here is a picture of the both of them enjoying the moment.







 Here are some more pictures from Sunday at Scuderia
Time is more valuable then money but Moments last 4-ever…….

Anne-Marie Martinez shares a moment with PR Director for ConAir Paola Velasquez-N-Friend












































































































































Justin Combs will forever remember his b-day at Club M2 Ultralounge in N.Y.C on sat Jan 23, 2010

He will forever remember being with his mom and dad on the paparrazzi line..
Being a son of a famous parent def has it’s positive n negative side to it..
BUT in reality
It doesn’t matter if your mom is a fashion guru and your father is a world famous hip-hop icon
A strong mother and a Smart father who understand the value of Balance should make things alright at the end of the day…








Having Nicki Minaj as your date is always a good look…









M2 was packed with kids who def were in L.O.V.E with the enviornment.
For alot of kids
It was there first real experience in a mega club in N.Y.C 













HipHop is alive and well in the minds and hearts of the kids that were there.
Dancing to the beat is always a great feeling no matter how old you are.








Being creative is the key to opening your mind.
Having confidence is the way to make things happen.
HipHop is alive in the minds of millions of peple
Fashion is Hip-Hop
Throwing different colors-N-fabric together just like drawing a graffiti piece in your black book of fame
is the best way to use your mind.
Irv Gotti kids understand the power having a fresh pair of Nike on your feet
When you combine knowing what they do and don’t like
Magic Happens
















The night was special in alot of ways for alot of different people.

Some kids were able to get a free custom design sneaker ticket from….







Some kids were lucky enough to meet the cast of The Jersey Shore…







Some kids in Haiti will use the money donated by Justin Combs to eat and survive in the hard times they are in.







Some kids were lucky enough 2 see Trey Songz live up close and personal







Some kids were amazed to see Nicki Minaj live up close







Some fans were happy to get a exclusive mixed CD made my Nicki Minaj
This girl was so happy getting a CD from N.Mianj directly.
Her smile says it all…






Some kids were in L.O.V.E with the fact that Juelz Santana was performing for them Not just to rapp a song
but actually making a connection w.some of the fans
That is the power of HIPHOP






Some kids were amped 2 hear they’re favorite rappers favorite rapper Fabolous…….







 Justin Combs was the guest of honor and the luckiest 16 year old teenager in N.Y.C
Growing up in N.Y.C
You can get distracted E-Z
Having the wrong Friends
Peer Pressure 
The need 2 prove yourself makes alot of the smartest kids react in a negative way.

One of the ways to keep going in the right direction is by having 2 parents who know what the struggle of competition is all about and the joy of success that comes from hard work.

Having a father who is able to do multi-million business deals at 2pm
then by 8pm go to the Grammy to perform on stage is AMAZING
Being able to hug your father with L.O.V.E is something that never be forgotten.







 There will always just be one mother.
A mom who will show you the latest fashion trends
Still cook you dinner at night
Is something that can never be forgotten.










The night was great for everyone who was there….It was a great balance of friends mixed in with family.

















































The night ended up amazing w. Justin blowing out the lights on his cake








Being surrounded by his Real Friends







Leaving in his brand new Maybach and heading into the dark streets of NYC is always a great way to end a great night..







As for me……
Being Fired isn’t something new. It hasen’t happend alot in the past 6 years.
Humans are sometimes cold hearted.

You try to do the right thing
You try to prove yourself thru your work
ability to make things happen on your own….
Losing your job sucks
Being left in the streets after the hard work you put in is the worst feeling in the world.

The great thing about losing your job
is that it motivates you to become a better person
2 look into your soul and come up with a game plan to success.

Life is about situations
How you handle a situation will show if you will win or lose.
The cloud over my head is dark right now

As I type at 2:00am on a tues late night wed early morning
I look at the words by boy wrote to me about the situation I am going thru..
My boy D-Rivera def looked out with these words of inspiration
Thank you to Johnny Nunez for helping me thru life situations
Thank you to that girl Sandra……..You really are the  B.E.S.T

“I just thought I saw something you posted about being fired, but then I refreshed the screen and it disappeared.
Either I’m buggin out or I read what I read correctly.
If that’s true, I’m sorry to hear it, but either way, Ralphy, from what I’ve known about you in the few times we’ve worked the same gig and from the level of professionalism I see on your pictures, you’ve got nothing to worry about.
I’ve worked the Daily News photo desk for a while, and, after sifting through celebrity photo wires and seeing some of the crap that people get paid for compared to your work, all I can say is that you’ll do great things for better than what M2 can offer you. Keep it up bro.”


Let’s see what happens……………

A few months back
I had the chance of really looking at Kayne West and Amber Rose interact.
For the majority of that night
I stood in the background waiting for my chance 2 talk 2 Kayne West.
I am not a papparazzi.
I truly belive that we are all humans even if you are 1 of the most famous people in the world.
I won’t sell my soul 4 a photo
In the meantime
I watched Kayne and Amber from a distance 4 over 2 hours
In that time
Kayne told me:
 Life is about loving one woman.
He didn’t actually tell me those words but he told me in his eyes.
Kayne West
A man who has women throwing themselves at him only had eyes for a woman named Amber Rose
I understood why he was attracted to her
Her lips..Her body…Her Style
And that was it.
I wasn’t able 2 understand more

I didn’t understand because I didn’t know her personally.
All I could see was the physical
Until last week
On Thurs…..I had to meet Amber Rose and D.J Clue at Club M2 in N.Y.C







D.J Clue is my youth…………..
He was the reason for me 2 explore and travel outside of Astoria in search of his  newest mixtape when it was actually on a Tape.
Watching him spin brought me back in time
Taking the F train to Jamaica Center
Walking around and being surrounded by Hip-Hop at it’s best
I just wished my old J.H.S School friends were with me









Later on that night is when I was truly amazed…….

Hanging out with Amber Rose at M2 was the best.
It wasn’t the best because I was hanging out w.a fashion trendsetter
It wasen’t the fact that she was beautiful in her own way
It was the B.E.S.T because
I was able 2 see the Real Woman behind the shades.

I saw a woman who understood that her fans R the reason why she will continue 2 be a success
With or Without Mr.West….











I have been surrounded by alot of celebs and have wondered about fame.
The feeling of being loved and admired.
The style of being able 2 make someones day w.a photograph or a quick hello.

Amber made peoples night.
She will forever be known as a cool girl in the eyes of the people who were at M2 that thurs night….
She literally left the V.I.P and took the time 2 take pics with her fans.
When she got back into the V.I.P
I had 2 tell her how cool she was for taking photos and also the time 2 take it
She smiled at me
“It’s not a big of a deal. I remember how it was when I saw a celeb and I wanted to take a picture. I L.O.V.E my fans”
With those simple words
She made me realize Amber Rose is the B.E.S.T









I saw a woman who likes 2 talk about girl stuff w.other girls who like 2 talk about girl stuff









I saw a woman who is able 2 hang out with 1 true friend
Not an Entourage of people who are going 2 say Yes 2 everything she says
Because of that
She can appreciate the moment for what it is.
Hanging out w.a good friend on a night in the concrete jungle of N.Y.C












I saw a woman who is known through-out the world
but is still humble enough 2 give a cigarette out of her personal pack 2 my boy Rich Santos 
Lighting it  up for him.
We were both amazed by that
Strangers in the street won’t even do that….LOL









Amber Rose is Human
I agree with Kayne West 100 percent.
Life really is about being w.1 woman
Yeah….Lust is Powerful
Lust defeats L.O.V.E alot of the times
But when L.O.V.E winds……….
It has the feeling of success, understanding, Lust, and Friendship all wrapped into 1…

I met Amber Rose last week and I don’t know when or If I will ever see her again.
My B-Day  in less than 24 hours
Turning 31 is an insane number
As I look back
I have loved different girls who all have a A.M.A.Z.I.N.G quality about them..
J……..M………R…………H……….S……..The initals of the girls who made it happen in my life…

The Amber Rose of my dreams is prob asleep right now
Dreaming about how she can find her own Kayne West….

I don’t know who she is
How she looks like
What her inital are
In the meantime
I’m going 2 look at this pic of me and amber rose and remember the good times I had………………….


When you have the power 2 stop what is going on in a club
That is when you have 2 really appreciate life..
Being on stage when an artist is performing is intense.
I truly understand why fame is addicting.
It doesn’t matter if you’re a world-known Rapper who has a deep appreciation for his hometown of NEW YORK……













Even if your a European DJ named Tiesto












People appreciate Realness
With Jay-Z
He is a MC who we have grown up with.
In any moment
When a JAY-Z comes on
You instantly know the words and it brings you back 2 a time in your life that was a good time for you.



Jay-Z didn’t perform but it didn’t matter.
He was at M2 with Swizz Beats.
Swizz Beats was on the mic and just directing the flow of the people.
Jay-Z just actually doing a 1-2 step and appreciating the moment.










With a few hundread people watching him do it………….







With Tiesto
He makes the crowd love life.
The music he puts together makes you appreciate life and the people who your with at that moment.
Feeding the crowd music that they need 2 fill up their hearts-n-mind w. passion is priceless.


Tiesto is known throughout the world for knowing what 2 play-N-because of that
He was voted the IDMA Award for Best Global DJ / Best Electronic Dance Album
I was never into Trance or House music but ever since I started working at Pink Elephant
I completely understand why people dance and dance and dance.
Trance/House music makes you feel alive
With a DJ like Tiesto behind the 1-N-2’s……..
You will free to move your body and not have a care in the world












People are all the same
No matter if you listen to Hip-Hop-OR-Trance music.
They just want to connect with their favorite celeb…..
N.Y.C…ATL…LA…Asia, Europe
It doesn’t matter
In 2009, It is becoming E-Z 2 connect…………









Even for a few seconds
A connection can be made that will forever be remembered by the people there. 








 People dream of having 2 watch Swizz Beats have a conversation with Jay-Z











Being able to be in the ultra V.I.P w. Tiesto after his set at Pink Elephant









Moments come-N-go
At the end
All you have is the memory of the moment
In reality
That’s all you need

How do you usually celebrate a B-Day…????
Maybe go out and have a great dinner w.your closet friends


If your an Executive from Def Jam Records
You have a Party at 1 of the most exclusive night clubs in New York City-N-invite some celebs that you call friends down 2 have a drink with you.

Shawn “Pecas” Costner celebrated his B-Day at Pink Elephant nightclub in N.Y.C


It must be an amazing feeling 2 celebrate your b-day with people who are loved by millions….
Mariah Carey coming down 2 show u L.O.V.E is just a regular thing because of the fact that even though she is world famous….She is still a regular person who appreciates a good friend


Ludacris was in there at another table of his boys having a good time
Enjoying the night and the view he had of everyone there


This picture I took of Rza and GhostFace killer was kinda surreal 2 me.
I can remember listening 2 them and the rest of the Wu-Tang Clan
For a split second
I felt like I was in the streets boys
Smoking and not having a care in the world.
Trying 2 prove something when in reality there was nothing 2 prove.
Coming back into the real world
I felt honored 2 take a pic of 2 living legends

As soon as I turned from taking the pic of Ghost and Rza
I bumped into D.J WebStarr.
As soon as I saw him
I knew that my niece would add him to the list of celebs that I should have gotten a autograph..
When ever I take pics of celebs..She is one of the 1st people 2 see them and she always tells me…
“O.K…Why didn’t you get me a autograph………????????????”
Instead of a autograph
D.J WebStarr gave me his cell and said he would talk to her for me.
I was amazed on how humble and cool he was.
I got his number and we will def make a 14-year-old girl smile.

Fabolous was in there also.
I didn’t get a chance to get a really good picture of him because of the people around him
In reality, I didn’t care
I got a photo of him enjoying the night and that’s more important then him looking into my camera.


Another candid shot that I got was on that dude Juelz Santana…
I have really started appreciating taken candid shots of people in different situations.
In this pic
J.Santana and my homegirl Cristina who is the waitress at Pink Elephant were happy 2 be alive.
J.Sanata heard or saw something really funny-n-I caught him right in the act
Cristina looks happy..Maybe cuz she was serving one of the Best M.C’s in  Hip-Hop
Maybe she was just happy that someone bought 2 bottles of Moet that cost the same as 1-month rent in Astoria,Queens….
Whatever the reason
These 2 people were happy 2 be alive at that moment 


Angie Martinez, Miss Info and Jill S. from Hot97 were all together enjoying the night…
What they were talking about would be great to know


I’ll never know
But what I do know is
when woman who are successful get together
It’s gotta be an interesting convo….
Alex and her crew were def loving the night at Pink Elephant.
The guys who made it 2 Pink Elephant were def networking and doing what guys do
Talking about how 2 make things happen
Talking about how good the group of girls look at the table in front of them…..LOL


While everyone was having conversations
Shawn was being a good host
The papparrazzi were doing what they do

All in All…
It was a great night 2 celebrate a B-Day party and Life…..
In this pic of Shawn…Mariah…and Nick Canon
The smile says it all!!!!!!!!!!


3AM in New York City……
People from other cities
countries call NYC the city that never sleeps-N-2 a certain degree
They are right.
But as I waited by myself in line 2 become the 1st person 2 get an autograph copy of the book:
The 50th Law of Power by Robert Green & 50 Cent
I truly felt that I was alone in the concrete jungle of NYC…
I felt a sense of relief that I was the 1st person on line.

I had a copy of the original 48 laws of Power and in reality
That is all i needed


I stood on-line and started reading the 50th Law of Power
What stood out for me was how the book was written.
Straight to the point
Using real life situations in 2009 mixed with stories from the 1600’s.

With the 48th laws of Power
Robert Green used alot of examples that might have been hard for a person 2 understand if that person didn’t have a mental ability 2 understand.
People get bored very easy.
This time around.
He re-wrote it in a way that makes anyone understand the laws of Power.

If someone still isn’t able 2 understand the Laws after reading the 50th
They should just buy a Metrocard and go home 2 watch cartoons.
I was really impressed with the book and at 3am
I had a greater apprecaition for it.


Waiting on line for about 20 minutes.
The 2nd person came
He was a dominican living in the Bronx who walked for 40 minutes because the bus wasen’t running at that time.
He truly felt that he would one day work for 50 cent.
His dream was to do videos for
He felt that dominicans living in Uptown Manhattan don’t have a voice in hip-hop
he wanted 2 be that voice.
He is a Rapper who is hungry for success and I gotta give him credit for having a dream.


The 2nd guy who came onto the line was from Reno,Nevada
He traveled half across america just to give 50 cent a demo of his brother.
I listened to the CD and his brother actually had skillz on the mic.
That is true brotherly love.
He knew that this would be the only time that he would have a chance 2 meet 50 cent up close and he wasen’t going 2 let it pass him.

Thats the thing with alot of people..

They aren’t able 2 look at the B.I.G picture about life.
You have 2 look at a situation and realize what it can or can-not do for you.
These 2 dudes understood the power of being the 1st one on line.
I just realized it a lil sooner then them


The dude from nevada had a great tattoo on his forearm.
He has 2 daughters who both wear glasses.
Because he has a secure job that allows them 2 go 2 the eye doctor
He appreciates life more
He understood that alot of people are not working or in a daily stuggle because of the economy
He got the tattoo 2 remind him of his success and his love for his 2 lil girls


As time went on
The moon left the night sky and the sun came out 2 shine.
It was a great day and people were out and about
Some were heading 2 work
Some to school

As I stood on line
I did alot of people watching.

People watching when done right can help you read people or situations.
In this pic in the bottom
It made me think of The Old vs. The Youth
The B.I.G 31 B-Day is coming into light for me…..Even though that is a insane number
I’m happier now then when I was 18..
I can truly say that I am making things happen on my own terms-N-thats what life is about…

SO..Even though 31 is fucking insane….
I understand youth and old age pass each other like these 2 people in the street…IMG_0437

 Waiting for 50 cent and Robert Green was a surreal moment
All the hours that was passed
5 cups of coffee
3 bagels w.cream cheese-N-the moment was about 2 come


 When 50 cent arrived
All eyes were on him and Robert Green.

Being in the spotlight is what being a celeb is all about….
It’s a addiction
You crave 2 see the brite lights in your eyes….It makes u feel a deep connection 2 ever person that is there
But what is more amazing is when u know that people appreciate your work.
Alot of times
Someone will get famous for all the wrong reasons
But 50 cent is a prime example of someone who became famous for his values and his beliefs.


People understand that.

They can feel when someone is real
They feel the pain from the words of that person.
They know when someone is being truthful
It is a connection
And w.the Lyrics of 50 cent
The words of Robert Green
People know that have the secret 2 success


Watching 50.
I saw a man who no matter what the situation.
He is who he is
He is able to crack a smile or Do a mean grill in a matter of seconds.
The only way 2 become a better person is 1st having the ability 2 understand
your likes
your dislikes.
It’s that simple but so hard at the same time.
In the photo
The photographer taking the pic of 50 cent in the baige jacket is my boss Johnny Nunez
Johnny is a celebrity photographer who covers alot of industry events in N.Y.C and L.A
Johnny is a perfect example of someone who make things happen.
He was once on the verge of becoming homeless
Until he met a guy who suggested photography to him.
He had the ability 2 look at the bigger picture of a situation
Now he is taking photos and getting paid for it.
From almost being homeless to taking pics of 50 cent -n-Robert Green is a great story that will be told one day


People were itching 2 see 50 cent and Robert Green but I was the 1st one and I felt a sense of accomplishment being in a  spot that people wished they were in.


When 50 cent was signing my book.
All I was thinking was that this is a moment that I will never forget and I had the pics 2 prove it


Robert Green signing my book was a sense of relief.

With his book the 48 laws of Power.
I actually re-wrote the entire book in my own words
It took me DAYS AND HOURSSSSS 2 do but when I saw him signing his name
All I could do is thank him for writing the book and opening my mind.


50 cent and Robert Green are 2 people who live forever.
Life and Death are the only things certain in life.
Life is making things happen
Death is your life talked about within the people who loved you.

As 50 cent was looking into my camera
I remember stepping back and looking at him for a split second..
In those few moments
I saw a man who had a understanding of himself and situations….

Like Curtis “50 CENT ” Jackson & Robert Green


R:09 nyc S.L


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People R just born 2 look amazing in front of the camera

dancer at m2

I think I should be a D.J

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4 a few hours…..

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Who says u can’t find love in the club……………..OK……………Maybe not L.O.V.E but u can def find happiness 4 those few hours….
Life is promised
Might as well share a hug-n-a laugh with someone who u have a connection with