Sunday @12ish PM…
It’s usually a time in the day when your up and about trying to figure out what to do next.
Depending if your a day or a night person
12ish PM on a Sunday afternoon is the common time for everyone to get up-n-get out 2 enjoy the day.










Families are usually up and getting something to eat






The person you L.O.V.E is already calling you 2 figure out where to meet in the city







So the 2 of you can spend some time together before the insanity of the week ahead.






Alot of times
We are such in a hurry to make things happen for ourselves that we never step back
just relax w.the people who matter the most to us.
Here is a picture of TV Producer Daniel Lagrua and Model Rey who can be appreicate the moment






Sunday afternoon brunch @ Scuderia is the B.E.S.T way 2 feed your soul.
Feeding your soul isn’t about eating the burger at Scuderia









Having one of the amazing drinks that are made there







 Feeding your soul is about being surrounded by the people who you trust the most.

The friends who know your best look when taking a amazing picture of you.







 The person who can make you laugh at a moment notice
The way DJ and Producer Mark King is able 2 make a girl named ? laugh at the way he tells a story







 Your family that you know in your heart means the world to you.







 The enviorment that you choose to spend your time in can make or break your day.

Scuderia is one of the B.E.S.T resteraunts in N.Y.C  that can balance out
The staff and management understand the value of energy







 Having great food done with skill n L.O.V.E




 Amazing fast service so u can feed the voice in your stomach







 Having DJ K3 spinning  music 2 move your soul is the B.E.S.T makes everyone enjoy the moment-N-
Appreciate being surround by family n friends.








 Model Selita Ebanks who can been seen on the up-coming 3rd season                of Celebrity Apprentice was thrown a surprise birthday brunch by Anne-Marie   Martinez from and Daniel Dejene of The Dejene Agency.









Selita was def surprised by the family and friends that all came out to wish her a happy b-day.







 Singer Estelle was there to give Selita a B-Day Hug







 And NFL Legand Curtis Martin both were there showing L.O.V.E to Selita






Even though Selita was about to give Curtis a 1-2 PUNCH in the chin because he tried to steal one of her B-Day Cupcakes……
Rule number 42244
Never…EVER…Steal a B-Day cupcake from a supermodel







 Birthdays come n go in a heartbeat
But the feeling you get when you are surrounded by the people u L.O.V.E will always be remembered in your mind n heart














Also @ Scuderia were Fashion Designers  To-Tam Ton-Nu and To-Nya Ton-Nu of pictured here with Selita EBanks 







 America’s top Barack Obama Impersonator







 It was kinda surreal looking at him. I felt that I was really in the presence of our President.
I thought about what I would say to Obama if I ever got to really meet him and I think I would say…”Watch who your friends are”









Publicist BJ Coleman walking out the door of Scuderia










Guitarist Hara Luca Garacci who gave a special B-Day solo for Selita and showcasing his skillz to the crowd 








DJ MSG, Anne-Marie Martinez, Hair Stylist Tanya Camburn all enjoyed the moment of connection.







Jarett Clark and Johnny Nunez who were both in the middle of telling a amazing story







 Dr. Michelle who can light up a room with her smile.








 All in All
Scuderia Sunday Brunch get togethers is 1 of the B.E.S.T in N.Y.C
For more information on booking a sunday brunch event
Please contact
Anne-Marie Martinez at
Daniel Dejene at
Here is a picture of the both of them enjoying the moment.







 Here are some more pictures from Sunday at Scuderia
Time is more valuable then money but Moments last 4-ever…….

Anne-Marie Martinez shares a moment with PR Director for ConAir Paola Velasquez-N-Friend












































































































































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