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3AM in New York City……
People from other cities
countries call NYC the city that never sleeps-N-2 a certain degree
They are right.
But as I waited by myself in line 2 become the 1st person 2 get an autograph copy of the book:
The 50th Law of Power by Robert Green & 50 Cent
I truly felt that I was alone in the concrete jungle of NYC…
I felt a sense of relief that I was the 1st person on line.

I had a copy of the original 48 laws of Power and in reality
That is all i needed


I stood on-line and started reading the 50th Law of Power
What stood out for me was how the book was written.
Straight to the point
Using real life situations in 2009 mixed with stories from the 1600’s.

With the 48th laws of Power
Robert Green used alot of examples that might have been hard for a person 2 understand if that person didn’t have a mental ability 2 understand.
People get bored very easy.
This time around.
He re-wrote it in a way that makes anyone understand the laws of Power.

If someone still isn’t able 2 understand the Laws after reading the 50th
They should just buy a Metrocard and go home 2 watch cartoons.
I was really impressed with the book and at 3am
I had a greater apprecaition for it.


Waiting on line for about 20 minutes.
The 2nd person came
He was a dominican living in the Bronx who walked for 40 minutes because the bus wasen’t running at that time.
He truly felt that he would one day work for 50 cent.
His dream was to do videos for
He felt that dominicans living in Uptown Manhattan don’t have a voice in hip-hop
he wanted 2 be that voice.
He is a Rapper who is hungry for success and I gotta give him credit for having a dream.


The 2nd guy who came onto the line was from Reno,Nevada
He traveled half across america just to give 50 cent a demo of his brother.
I listened to the CD and his brother actually had skillz on the mic.
That is true brotherly love.
He knew that this would be the only time that he would have a chance 2 meet 50 cent up close and he wasen’t going 2 let it pass him.

Thats the thing with alot of people..

They aren’t able 2 look at the B.I.G picture about life.
You have 2 look at a situation and realize what it can or can-not do for you.
These 2 dudes understood the power of being the 1st one on line.
I just realized it a lil sooner then them


The dude from nevada had a great tattoo on his forearm.
He has 2 daughters who both wear glasses.
Because he has a secure job that allows them 2 go 2 the eye doctor
He appreciates life more
He understood that alot of people are not working or in a daily stuggle because of the economy
He got the tattoo 2 remind him of his success and his love for his 2 lil girls


As time went on
The moon left the night sky and the sun came out 2 shine.
It was a great day and people were out and about
Some were heading 2 work
Some to school

As I stood on line
I did alot of people watching.

People watching when done right can help you read people or situations.
In this pic in the bottom
It made me think of The Old vs. The Youth
The B.I.G 31 B-Day is coming into light for me…..Even though that is a insane number
I’m happier now then when I was 18..
I can truly say that I am making things happen on my own terms-N-thats what life is about…

SO..Even though 31 is fucking insane….
I understand youth and old age pass each other like these 2 people in the street…IMG_0437

 Waiting for 50 cent and Robert Green was a surreal moment
All the hours that was passed
5 cups of coffee
3 bagels w.cream cheese-N-the moment was about 2 come


 When 50 cent arrived
All eyes were on him and Robert Green.

Being in the spotlight is what being a celeb is all about….
It’s a addiction
You crave 2 see the brite lights in your eyes….It makes u feel a deep connection 2 ever person that is there
But what is more amazing is when u know that people appreciate your work.
Alot of times
Someone will get famous for all the wrong reasons
But 50 cent is a prime example of someone who became famous for his values and his beliefs.


People understand that.

They can feel when someone is real
They feel the pain from the words of that person.
They know when someone is being truthful
It is a connection
And w.the Lyrics of 50 cent
The words of Robert Green
People know that have the secret 2 success


Watching 50.
I saw a man who no matter what the situation.
He is who he is
He is able to crack a smile or Do a mean grill in a matter of seconds.
The only way 2 become a better person is 1st having the ability 2 understand
your likes
your dislikes.
It’s that simple but so hard at the same time.
In the photo
The photographer taking the pic of 50 cent in the baige jacket is my boss Johnny Nunez
Johnny is a celebrity photographer who covers alot of industry events in N.Y.C and L.A
Johnny is a perfect example of someone who make things happen.
He was once on the verge of becoming homeless
Until he met a guy who suggested photography to him.
He had the ability 2 look at the bigger picture of a situation
Now he is taking photos and getting paid for it.
From almost being homeless to taking pics of 50 cent -n-Robert Green is a great story that will be told one day


People were itching 2 see 50 cent and Robert Green but I was the 1st one and I felt a sense of accomplishment being in a  spot that people wished they were in.


When 50 cent was signing my book.
All I was thinking was that this is a moment that I will never forget and I had the pics 2 prove it


Robert Green signing my book was a sense of relief.

With his book the 48 laws of Power.
I actually re-wrote the entire book in my own words
It took me DAYS AND HOURSSSSS 2 do but when I saw him signing his name
All I could do is thank him for writing the book and opening my mind.


50 cent and Robert Green are 2 people who live forever.
Life and Death are the only things certain in life.
Life is making things happen
Death is your life talked about within the people who loved you.

As 50 cent was looking into my camera
I remember stepping back and looking at him for a split second..
In those few moments
I saw a man who had a understanding of himself and situations….

Like Curtis “50 CENT ” Jackson & Robert Green


R:09 nyc S.L