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There is nothing like making people feel alive.
The Black E.Y.E Peas understand the foundation of their succees.
They make their fans feel alive to the music that moves their soul
The words that make them understand the bigger picture on L.I.F.E
Watching the Black E.Y.E perform at Club M2 on 2-24-09 made me realize the power of bringing people together.
1st off……..
I have never seen a group bring together people from all different race n style.
That was amazing within itself.
The power to bring people together cannot be accomplished w.just a idea.
People need trust People need commitment N Most important People need L.O.V.E in order to feel a connection w. the person or persons they are following.
The people who were at M2 that night L.O.V.E.D the Black E.Y.E Peas-N-L.O.V.E.D every minute of it.

I want to write more but WORDPRESS is messing with the structure of the blog
Maybe I just am not doing something right
I will let my photos tell you the story of the night.