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How do you usually celebrate a B-Day…????
Maybe go out and have a great dinner w.your closet friends


If your an Executive from Def Jam Records
You have a Party at 1 of the most exclusive night clubs in New York City-N-invite some celebs that you call friends down 2 have a drink with you.

Shawn “Pecas” Costner celebrated his B-Day at Pink Elephant nightclub in N.Y.C


It must be an amazing feeling 2 celebrate your b-day with people who are loved by millions….
Mariah Carey coming down 2 show u L.O.V.E is just a regular thing because of the fact that even though she is world famous….She is still a regular person who appreciates a good friend


Ludacris was in there at another table of his boys having a good time
Enjoying the night and the view he had of everyone there


This picture I took of Rza and GhostFace killer was kinda surreal 2 me.
I can remember listening 2 them and the rest of the Wu-Tang Clan
For a split second
I felt like I was in the streets boys
Smoking and not having a care in the world.
Trying 2 prove something when in reality there was nothing 2 prove.
Coming back into the real world
I felt honored 2 take a pic of 2 living legends

As soon as I turned from taking the pic of Ghost and Rza
I bumped into D.J WebStarr.
As soon as I saw him
I knew that my niece would add him to the list of celebs that I should have gotten a autograph..
When ever I take pics of celebs..She is one of the 1st people 2 see them and she always tells me…
“O.K…Why didn’t you get me a autograph………????????????”
Instead of a autograph
D.J WebStarr gave me his cell and said he would talk to her for me.
I was amazed on how humble and cool he was.
I got his number and we will def make a 14-year-old girl smile.

Fabolous was in there also.
I didn’t get a chance to get a really good picture of him because of the people around him
In reality, I didn’t care
I got a photo of him enjoying the night and that’s more important then him looking into my camera.


Another candid shot that I got was on that dude Juelz Santana…
I have really started appreciating taken candid shots of people in different situations.
In this pic
J.Santana and my homegirl Cristina who is the waitress at Pink Elephant were happy 2 be alive.
J.Sanata heard or saw something really funny-n-I caught him right in the act
Cristina looks happy..Maybe cuz she was serving one of the Best M.C’s in  Hip-Hop
Maybe she was just happy that someone bought 2 bottles of Moet that cost the same as 1-month rent in Astoria,Queens….
Whatever the reason
These 2 people were happy 2 be alive at that moment 


Angie Martinez, Miss Info and Jill S. from Hot97 were all together enjoying the night…
What they were talking about would be great to know


I’ll never know
But what I do know is
when woman who are successful get together
It’s gotta be an interesting convo….
Alex and her crew were def loving the night at Pink Elephant.
The guys who made it 2 Pink Elephant were def networking and doing what guys do
Talking about how 2 make things happen
Talking about how good the group of girls look at the table in front of them…..LOL


While everyone was having conversations
Shawn was being a good host
The papparrazzi were doing what they do

All in All…
It was a great night 2 celebrate a B-Day party and Life…..
In this pic of Shawn…Mariah…and Nick Canon
The smile says it all!!!!!!!!!!