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When you have the power 2 stop what is going on in a club
That is when you have 2 really appreciate life..
Being on stage when an artist is performing is intense.
I truly understand why fame is addicting.
It doesn’t matter if you’re a world-known Rapper who has a deep appreciation for his hometown of NEW YORK……













Even if your a European DJ named Tiesto












People appreciate Realness
With Jay-Z
He is a MC who we have grown up with.
In any moment
When a JAY-Z comes on
You instantly know the words and it brings you back 2 a time in your life that was a good time for you.



Jay-Z didn’t perform but it didn’t matter.
He was at M2 with Swizz Beats.
Swizz Beats was on the mic and just directing the flow of the people.
Jay-Z just actually doing a 1-2 step and appreciating the moment.










With a few hundread people watching him do it………….







With Tiesto
He makes the crowd love life.
The music he puts together makes you appreciate life and the people who your with at that moment.
Feeding the crowd music that they need 2 fill up their hearts-n-mind w. passion is priceless.


Tiesto is known throughout the world for knowing what 2 play-N-because of that
He was voted the IDMA Award for Best Global DJ / Best Electronic Dance Album
I was never into Trance or House music but ever since I started working at Pink Elephant
I completely understand why people dance and dance and dance.
Trance/House music makes you feel alive
With a DJ like Tiesto behind the 1-N-2’s……..
You will free to move your body and not have a care in the world












People are all the same
No matter if you listen to Hip-Hop-OR-Trance music.
They just want to connect with their favorite celeb…..
N.Y.C…ATL…LA…Asia, Europe
It doesn’t matter
In 2009, It is becoming E-Z 2 connect…………









Even for a few seconds
A connection can be made that will forever be remembered by the people there. 








 People dream of having 2 watch Swizz Beats have a conversation with Jay-Z











Being able to be in the ultra V.I.P w. Tiesto after his set at Pink Elephant









Moments come-N-go
At the end
All you have is the memory of the moment
In reality
That’s all you need