Justin Combs Sweet 16 almost got me fired @ my job

Posted: January 27, 2010 in Uncategorized

Justin Combs will forever remember his b-day at Club M2 Ultralounge in N.Y.C on sat Jan 23, 2010

He will forever remember being with his mom and dad on the paparrazzi line..
Being a son of a famous parent def has it’s positive n negative side to it..
BUT in reality
It doesn’t matter if your mom is a fashion guru and your father is a world famous hip-hop icon
A strong mother and a Smart father who understand the value of Balance should make things alright at the end of the day…








Having Nicki Minaj as your date is always a good look…









M2 was packed with kids who def were in L.O.V.E with the enviornment.
For alot of kids
It was there first real experience in a mega club in N.Y.C 













HipHop is alive and well in the minds and hearts of the kids that were there.
Dancing to the beat is always a great feeling no matter how old you are.








Being creative is the key to opening your mind.
Having confidence is the way to make things happen.
HipHop is alive in the minds of millions of peple
Fashion is Hip-Hop
Throwing different colors-N-fabric together just like drawing a graffiti piece in your black book of fame
is the best way to use your mind.
Irv Gotti kids understand the power having a fresh pair of Nike on your feet
When you combine knowing what they do and don’t like
Magic Happens
















The night was special in alot of ways for alot of different people.

Some kids were able to get a free custom design sneaker ticket from NikeId.com….







Some kids were lucky enough to meet the cast of The Jersey Shore…







Some kids in Haiti will use the money donated by Justin Combs to eat and survive in the hard times they are in.







Some kids were lucky enough 2 see Trey Songz live up close and personal







Some kids were amazed to see Nicki Minaj live up close







Some fans were happy to get a exclusive mixed CD made my Nicki Minaj
This girl was so happy getting a CD from N.Mianj directly.
Her smile says it all…






Some kids were in L.O.V.E with the fact that Juelz Santana was performing for them Not just to rapp a song
but actually making a connection w.some of the fans
That is the power of HIPHOP






Some kids were amped 2 hear they’re favorite rappers favorite rapper Fabolous…….







 Justin Combs was the guest of honor and the luckiest 16 year old teenager in N.Y.C
Growing up in N.Y.C
You can get distracted E-Z
Having the wrong Friends
Peer Pressure 
The need 2 prove yourself makes alot of the smartest kids react in a negative way.

One of the ways to keep going in the right direction is by having 2 parents who know what the struggle of competition is all about and the joy of success that comes from hard work.

Having a father who is able to do multi-million business deals at 2pm
then by 8pm go to the Grammy to perform on stage is AMAZING
Being able to hug your father with L.O.V.E is something that never be forgotten.







 There will always just be one mother.
A mom who will show you the latest fashion trends
Still cook you dinner at night
Is something that can never be forgotten.










The night was great for everyone who was there….It was a great balance of friends mixed in with family.

















































The night ended up amazing w. Justin blowing out the lights on his cake








Being surrounded by his Real Friends







Leaving in his brand new Maybach and heading into the dark streets of NYC is always a great way to end a great night..







As for me……
Being Fired isn’t something new. It hasen’t happend alot in the past 6 years.
Humans are sometimes cold hearted.

You try to do the right thing
You try to prove yourself thru your work
ability to make things happen on your own….
Losing your job sucks
Being left in the streets after the hard work you put in is the worst feeling in the world.

The great thing about losing your job
is that it motivates you to become a better person
2 look into your soul and come up with a game plan to success.

Life is about situations
How you handle a situation will show if you will win or lose.
The cloud over my head is dark right now

As I type at 2:00am on a tues late night wed early morning
I look at the words by boy wrote to me about the situation I am going thru..
My boy D-Rivera def looked out with these words of inspiration
Thank you to Johnny Nunez for helping me thru life situations
Thank you to that girl Sandra……..You really are the  B.E.S.T

“I just thought I saw something you posted about being fired, but then I refreshed the screen and it disappeared.
Either I’m buggin out or I read what I read correctly.
If that’s true, I’m sorry to hear it, but either way, Ralphy, from what I’ve known about you in the few times we’ve worked the same gig and from the level of professionalism I see on your pictures, you’ve got nothing to worry about.
I’ve worked the Daily News photo desk for a while, and, after sifting through celebrity photo wires and seeing some of the crap that people get paid for compared to your work, all I can say is that you’ll do great things for better than what M2 can offer you. Keep it up bro.”


Let’s see what happens……………

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